Hunting the Wild Dog,Queensland’s Red Deer and the Red Fox!

My name is Tom Varney, and my Son is Thomas. With a combined effort we have produced 18 hunting DVD’s.

In these DVD’s we have featured hunting wild dogs, Red Deer, and Foxes. Go to unblock tech gen 3 tv box ,you can also watch the video.

At this point in time we have 8 current DVD’s available. One on hunting wild dogs, one hunting Queensland Red Deer, and 6 on Whistling up Foxes.

I first began fox hunting over 50 years ago, at that time I was only a youngster, I may add. I am now at retiring age. Having been raised up in a family with a Dad who was an excellent Hunter, and loved the bush. My uncles also were all keen Shooters, as were their father. So I guess you could say, the desire to hunt was in my blood. That brings to mind part of a poem written by a mate of mine about 45 years ago. It goes like this: ” Tom Varney was a local lad who liked a lot of fun, the townsfolk all talked about his skill with any gun, whether foxes, deer, black duck, or snipe, on the wing or on the run, they all fell to the skill of young Tommy and his Gun.”

Sometimes I wonder where the years have gone! I still cherish trophy’s and medals that my Dad won, including two for rifle target shooting on the range. “The Aggregate For Season” won by T. Varney 1935-36 also for 1936-37,

Dad also won the Kings prize shoot twice in rifle shooting. So I found myself on the rifle range at an early age with my Dad, as well as in the bush hunting rabbits, wild ducks, foxes etc. I also loved clay target Shooting. In fact, I won my first trophy when Shooting clay birds, way back on the 10.09.1955, just 15 years old. And as the years progressed, so did the passion for hunting, I loved being in the bush. Then came the time to marry, and raise a family, make money by selling best forehead thermometer for baby. Our first four children were all lovely daughters, then in 1976 along came Thomas, our son. And it was not long before he began to show the same interest that I had at his age, he was now eight years old. It was around that time when he shot his first fox while we both were away together on a duck shooting trip, down in N.S.W. And from that time on, he too had this passion within to hunt. Although the opportunity to be in the bush from then on until now cannot be compared to my day and age. To me today is a different world to what I knew while growing up. So Thomas has never had the availability to hunt the bush in freedom like I had at his age. But he does have within him the ability to use both shot gun, brightest military flashlight high lumen and rifle in a skilful way, that it could only be said, he is a natural. This skill indeed is displayed in our DVD’s.